Terms and Conditions

Please note that this is not at present a full list of our terms and conditions, a full list will be published here soon, please contact us for details.

Your Data and our Services

  1. You are soley responsible for data you store on our servers, including keeping backups, obtaining the legal permission for any works you publish and ensuring that you do not violate United Kingdom law.
  2. You are held responsible for and accept responsibility for any defamatory, confidential, secret or other proprietary material available via your account.
  3. We reserve the right to remove material deemed inappropriate from your web pages, without prior notice.
  4. We shall not be held liable for any loss or damages caused by the use or misuse, unavailability or removal of services.
  5. Keep your own backups, we may or may not make backups of data stored on our servers, no guarantees.
  6. When your account is closed or cancelled, all files related to your account (including web pages, emails, databases etc.) may be deleted.
  7. We shall not release any domain for transfer to another provider unless full payment for that domain has been received by us.
  8. We reserve the right to suspend or cancel your account at any time without notice.
  9. We reserve the right to amend and update these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice. A copy will always be available on our website.
  10. Your privacy is important to us, we never distribute your information or e-mail address to any third parties. See our Privacy Policy for more details.
  11. By using our services, logging into your account, or uploading data to it, you are indicating your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and you agree not to break our Acceptable Usage Policy which forms part of this document.

Refunds and your right to cancel

  1. When you purchase a service from us you will decide a service period, usually 6 or 12 months.
  2. You may cancel your service at any time by writing to us.
  3. If you cancel your account within your service period then we will not make any refunds on any unused portions of your account unless the services you purchased have remained completely unused and no data has been uploaded to your site. An exception to this rule will be made if you cancel within the first seven days of service, in this case we will then make a refund in full except for any domain name purchases or renewals.
  4. We cannot refund domain registrations or renewals.

Acceptable Usage Policy

With great power comes great responsibility

This Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) applies to your usage of each and every Blueprint Hosting product and service whether paid for or not. It is your sole responsibility to ensure you comply with each and every provision of this AUP that applies to you. If you have any questions or if there is something you don't understand please contact us.

  1. You must not use your Blueprint Hosting product or service for any illegal purpose.
  2. You must respect all acceptable use policies of operators of services through which your traffic traverses through your use of Blueprint Hosting products or services, even though those services may not be provided by Blueprint Hosting.
  3. You must provide Blueprint Hosting with a valid email address and inform us Immediately of any change to this address. Any email we send to this address will be deemed to have been read by you and we may take action on the basis of this assumption.
  4. You must use our resources sensibly. We reserve the right to disable or suspend accounts that place excessive drain on our systems as determined by us.
  5. Where you have been provided with shell access you may not run background processes after you have logged out or run foreign binaries without the express written consent of Blueprint Hosting.
  6. You may not store more data in your account than your allotted space, if you do we may delete your files to bring your account back inside your quota.
  7. If your bandwidth usage exceeds your allocated quota, we reserve the right to suspend your account until usage is reduced or you pay to extend your monthly bandwidth quota.
  8. Your hosting account or virtual server (inc. FTP and Shell access) is for your personal use only.
  9. You must not divulge an account password to any other person, and you should take reasonable precautions to ensure that it is not discovered by other people.
  10. You must not upload copyrighted material if you do not own the copyright or have permission to distribute it. If found, we may request that you show evidence of your permission to use such material or you remove it immediately, or at our discretion we may suspend or disable accounts that break this rule.
  11. You must not send or allow unsolited bulk email (spam) to be sent via our systems or use spam to promote your website or participate in any other form internet abuse. We will immediately cancel account s of customers that break this rule and no refunds will be given, no discussions will be entered into.
  12. You must not run 'scanning' software which accesses remote machines or networks from our servers without explit permision from the operators of those machines or networks.
  13. You must not launch any form of Denial of Service attack from our servers or against our servers. A gain, offenders will find their accounts canceled without discussion.
  14. Blueprint Hosting may use manual or automatic means at it's disposal, including inspecting data uploaded or transferred by you, to ensure this AUP is adhered to.

Privacy Policy

At Blueprint Hosting we believe that privacy on the net is a fundamental right. In keeping with this we have decided to publish our privacy statement for all to see, and encourage other websites to do the same.

This privacy statement is applicable to our services at www.blueprinthosting.com, www.opticblue.com and www.opticblue.co.uk and your usage of our services.

Your Privacy

Blueprint Hosting makes every effort to ensure that your personal privacy is protected, we will not re lease ANY personal information to any third party unless absolutely required to do so by United Kingdom Law. See www.anonymizer.com or similar about browsing anonymously to protect your privacy.

Site Logs

Every access to www.blueprinthosting.com is logged for up to 120 days. The information that is recorded is: Your IP Address, the document you accessed and the time and date you accessed it, the name of your browser and possibly the operating system you're using and the referring site. We only use logs to help diagnose problems with our servers and to administer our website. Your IP address may be used to gather broad demographic information but never in a personally identifyable way.


Cookies are small bits of information stored on your computer by your browser. We use cookies to provide you with dynamic information and to maintain your login session. We do not use cookies to track you beyond the normal use of our site.

Personal Information

Blueprint Hosting does not collect personally identifiable information about individuals except when such individuals specifically provide such information on a voluntary basis. Personally identifiable information on individual users will not be sold or otherwise transferred to third parties except where required to provide you with a service you have requested (e.g. to a domain registrar for domain registration).


This site contains links to other sites. Blueprint Hosting is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such web sites.

Data Protection

Blueprint Hosting abides by all relevant United Kingdom legislation regarding protection of personal data. Furthermore, we make every effort to ensure that your personal information remains secure.

If any part of our terms and conditions, acceptable use policy or privacy policy changes, we will let you know via our website.

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